the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams -Eleanor Roosevelt

TIFFANY LAUFER graduated with an MFA in Cinematography from the prestigous American Film Institute having studied with the noted cinematographers Januez Kaminski, Danti Spinoti, Wally Pfister and Matthew LaBoutique. Tiffany’s most recent feature film ‘Christmas at Maxwell’s’ recieved a national theatrical release in December 2006. TV Guide called the film ‘a feet in independant filmmaking’. Tiffany served as Co-Producer and Cinematographer.

Tiffany has directed and shot music videos with performer and writer, DAVE HILL (Uptown Sinclair) BILL WATTERSON (Dakota Floyd) and FRED ARMISON of SNL. In addition, Tiffany’s scrips have qualified as semi finalist in the Sundance writer’s lab.She recently finished her third screenplay. Tiffany’s exciting new TV project, ‘Journey to Your Plate’ features Jack Hourigan of The Food Network and Slice TV
following organic foods in their path to your plate!Tiffany is an avid education enthusiast having taught filmmaking to high school students at Northwestern University's NHSI and the Cleveland School for the Arts. She has also directed corporate videos for clients such as the Phoenix Public School system and Young Audiences of Greater Cleveland.